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High Purity Steroid Powder Methyltrienolone / Metribolone Acetate For Bodybuilding CAS 965-93-5

Good quality Raw Steroid Powders for sales
Good quality Raw Steroid Powders for sales
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High Purity Steroid Powder Methyltrienolone / Metribolone Acetate For Bodybuilding CAS 965-93-5

China High Purity Steroid Powder Methyltrienolone / Metribolone Acetate For Bodybuilding CAS 965-93-5 supplier

Large Image :  High Purity Steroid Powder Methyltrienolone / Metribolone Acetate For Bodybuilding CAS 965-93-5

Product Details:

Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: YIHAN
Certification: ISO 9001, USP
Model Number: Metribolone Acetate 965-93-5

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 10 grams
Price: US $ 20 - $40 / grams
Packaging Details: Aluminum foil bag or as your request
Delivery Time: 5-8 work days
Payment Terms: T/T,MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 1000KG per month
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Detailed Product Description
Product Name: Metribolone Acetate CAS No: 965-93-5
Purity: 99% Min Transport Packaging: Discreet Packing Ways
Grade: Medicine Grade Sample: Available
Form: White Powder Class: Steroids Powder
Other Name: Methyltrienolone Suitable For: Adult
Delivered Time: 2-3 Work Days For Small Quantity Storage: Shading, Confined Preservation
High Light:

raw testosterone powder


muscle building steroids

High Purity Steroid Powder Methyltrienolone / Metribolone Acetate For Bodybuilding CAS 965-93-5


Basic Information:


Product Name Metribolone
Chemical Name Methyltrienbolone
Appearance White powder
CAS Number 965-93-5
Molecular Formula C19H24O2
Molecular Weight 284.40
Melting Point 163-172℃
Purity 99.5%



Metribolone (methyltrienolone aka R1881) is a potent, non-aromatizable androgen that is structurally similar to trenbolone and has been referred to as “oral tren.” Methyltrienolone binds strongly to the androgen receptor (AR) and is a more potent agonist (activator) of the androgen receptor than is DHT. 17a-methyltrienolone is listed at 30,000 times more anabolic than methyltestosterone according to Julius Vida in “Androgens and Anabolic Agents: Chemistry and Pharmacology.” Effective dosages begin at only 25mcg.


Steroid experts William Llewellyn and Patrick Arnold have each called methyltrienolone one of the “most powerful” anabolic steroids ever created. It is also one of the most hepatotoxic androgens ever produced. Originally developed by Roussell-UCLAF during the 1960s, the hepatoxicity of Metribolone prevented its commercial release. Bill Roberts likened the toxicity of methyltrienolone to that of taking high dosages of Anadrol combined with high dosages of Halotestin concurrently.


a normal bodybuilding dosage can range from 200mg/week to 1400mg/ week. Trenbolone acetate can be injected once a week, also trenbolone acetate is often refined to as "Fina" by user, trenbolone compounds have a binding affinity for the androgen receptor five times as high as that of testosteron**.Protein assimilation hormonal.Trenbolone is a steroid used by veterinarians on livestock to increase muscle growth and appetite, to increase the half-time, trenbolone is not used in an unrefined form, but is rather administered as ester derivatives such as trenbolone acetate,trenbolone enanthate ortrenbolone cyclohexylmethylcarbonate.



Our advantage:

  • 1. We have experience in exporting steroids, as you know, EU places much emphasis on them, and you must find a experienced partner who will assure you;
  • 2. Our company is a professional leading factory in China in pharmaceutical area, We had stable
  • customers and exported to Germany, Spain, UK, USA, Australia, Middle East, and any other countries.
  • We can provide good references about our company. As for the quality of the products, We 're sure they can satisfy you well enough;
  • 3. Professional packing with professional materials;
  • 4. Reship Service if being seized by custom.
  • 5. we accept ,Money Gram,Bank Transfer


Q1. Are you a manufacturer?
A: Yes, we have our own factory and lab.

Q2: Is there any discount?
A: Yes, as for old customers and larger quantity, we always support with great discounts and surprise.

Q3: How to proceed order?
Let me konw the items, quantity and the destination contruy wihch help me to give you a right price
Please let me know the items you are looking for, quantity and the destination country. After you confirm all details of order, pay money 100% in advance and give us Shipping address. We arrange the shipment at first time after receive payment and offer you the tracking number for your goods, and we will supply after-sales service after you receive parcel.
Q4: How do you treat quality complaint?
A: First of all, our QC department will do strict examination of our export products by HPLC, UV, GC , TLC and so on in order to reduce the quality problem to near zero. If there is a real quality problem caused by us, we will send you free goods for replacement or refund your loss.


Q5: Do you Accept Sample Order?
A: Yes,
For some powder ,we accept small order from 10g, 100g and 1kg for your evaluation quality of our goods.
For peptides, we accept 10 vials or 1 box.



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High Purity Steroid Powder Methyltrienolone / Metribolone Acetate For Bodybuilding CAS 965-93-5

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